New rules about subdividing sections enabled the owner to build a warm new home in the back section, but also keep a well-loved garden.

Exterior of entrance and back wall of Naenae Te Whare-iti modular home.

Location Naenae, Lower Hutt

Area 74 m²

Two bedroom

One bathroom

Client testimonial

It was important to us that we had a simple, sustainably built home. We love the natural wood walls and the quality of the workmanship and resources used in the design of our beautiful new Te Whare-iti home.

We’ve been in our home now for the last 6 months, that is late summer, autumn, and winter. We wanted a warm home and the insulation and double glazing are clearly working well. Given that we live in Naenae where it gets frosty and icy, the indoor temperature has never dropped below 15 degrees C at night, when it has been -2 outside! It was also very important to us that there were low levels of VOC off-gassing and we were able to move straight in without worry.

We have enjoyed working with Richard, Alex, and their team. By choosing one of their modular homes, it was a relief for us to let the team make many of the big decisions that new home builders are often faced with. They also understood our specific needs and happily responded to them.

Mark and Keryn, Naenae