We do the heavy lifting

From consent design, construction, and delivery, to connecting services, our hassle-free turnkey process means we’ve got you covered every step of the way..

Module hanging in the sky, being lowered by crane into place.

1. Design and consent

Start your Te Whare-iti journey by getting in touch with our design team to discuss your needs. We take care of the consenting and any site preparation that is needed. We provide a turnkey package that includes design, construction, and project management.

  • consultation and design discussion
  • resource and building consent
  • onsite services and site preparation work
  • offsite manufactured modules
  • transport and finishing onsite.
Module lifted by crane over house to new location.

2. Offsite manufacture

The cross laminated timber (CLT) that forms 90 percent of the building’s structure, and the carefully designed modular system contribute to the strength and cost advantage of Te Whare-iti.

The CLT panels are cut to size by Red Stag Wood Solutions and transported to our Porirua- based prefabrication site where we assemble your Te Whare-iti.

The process includes:

  • we order the CLT panels
  • our builders assemble modules at our assembly site
  • electricians and plumbers do initial installation offsite
  • contractors complete preliminary work on your site.

3. Transport and installation

If your site has easy access, we deliver your fully finished Te Whare-iti a single truck load or crane lift.

Where access is more challenging, modules are lifted and installed singly or in pairs and the modules connected on site.

Four weeks before the house arrives, pre-delivery onsite work, including:

  • piles are installed on site
  • services (water, power, stormwater, waste water) are laid up to the house footprint
  • other required site-specific work is completed (under terms as agreed in your contract)
  • modules are transported by truck and lifted by crane onto site
  • modules are re-attached and installed on your site
  • services are connected services on your site.
Arial view of completed Te Whare-iti modular house on the left, and the white-roofed house that the modules were craned over.