Explore what materials are possible for your home

The interior of your Te Whare-iti can be personalised to suit your unique taste and style, using our range of colour and material selections. The timber wall panels are made of cross-laminated timber, which functions both as the structural element and as an oiled timber finish throughout the building. Through clever design we have aimed to minimise the excess of materials to keep Te Whare-iti low waste, meaning that we use minimal paint, no gib, and locally sourced materials where possible. The vaulted ceiling ensures that the smaller spaces remain spacious and comfortable.

Cross-laminated timber (CLT)

The primary structure of the building is cross-laminated timber due to a high rate of carbon sequestration and low waste implementation on site. The panels are pre-cut to the size specification and the offcuts are repurposed into other project elements, such as steps or tables. The CLT panels are left exposed on the interior walls and ceilings, highlighting the natural grain of the timber and reducing the materials requirements.

Interior finishes

The interiors focus on the use of natural materials for the finishings, such as wool carpet, bamboo flooring, ceramic tiles and oiled timber. Avoiding gib, synthetic flooring and minimising the use of paint significantly reduces the VOC off gassing, which has long term healthy home benefits for the occupants.


The built-in kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and any storage cupboards or pantries can be customised to a range of colours.

Exterior cladding

SolarRib is the main cladding for Te Whare-iti exterior, with stained plywood on the porch and sunspace modules. A range of colour options are available.

| Any materials advertised are subject to change based on availability |